Q-PRI is our entry level portable high speed camera with an ultra-high image resolution of 3 MPixel.

The Q-PRI camera with its unique set of options can be scaled to the application. With Q-PRI you never buy functionality you do not require. A fact that eases the pressure on your budget. Should in a later stage the application require a new option simply add this specific option. Adding an option to the camera you posses is easy and performed “on the spot”. No return of the equipment back to manufacturing is necessary.

Key features basic Q-PRI

  • 3 MPixel image resolution at 500fps
  • 8 Bit dynamic range
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • High light sensitivity in color or mono
  • Options (can be added anytime)

    • Option 1: Extended speed up to 10'000fps 
    • Option 2: Max speed up to 100'000fps
    • other options on request

Optional hardware

(this hardware upgrade is possible in factory only)

  • Built in  flash memory (removable or fix)
  • Auto Exposure control
  • IRIG-B time stamp and synchronization.



  • Basic model ready to go
  • Suits most industrial application
  • Expand camera once it is required
  • Solid metal built for factory floor
  • A versatile and affordable reseach tool
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