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This system consisting of one or two high resolution cameras and an airborne computer is able to stream image sequences to flash disks for hours.
Camera systems like the H-EM designed for airborne applications need an ultra-solid design and a structure to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of flight. This system can meet the big challenge of immunity to shock, vibration, changes of temperature and moisture.
H-EM is THE solution for long time landscape recordings in high resolution for aerial views or aerial reconnaissance.


  • High resolution landscape recording from high altitude (e.g. aerial views or similar)

Description of components

The complete system consists of:

  • Gigabit Ethernet cameras (other camera versions (resolution/frame rate) available on request)
  • Airborne military controller for camera setup and data storage
  • AOS PROMON streaming software


  • High resolution streaming cameras:
    4872x3248 @ 4fps
    other configurations on request
  • Streaming for hours to airborne controller
  • Ultra solid design
  • Longtime landscape recording
Oct 01, 2013
Visit us at "Testing Expo" USA

AOS Technologies exhibits its products and capabilities during the "Testing Expo" Show in The Suburban Showplace in Novi MI. Visit us in booth @ C134

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Aug 15, 2012
NEW super-compact cameras

S-MIZE / S-MIZE EM are the newest addition to the AOS camera portfolio

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Jul 13, 2012
PROMON 500 camera module faster than ever

PROMON 500 camera module offer now up to 2000fps

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